Accepted Payment Types

Dr. Frances accepts Check, Cash or Credit card. Payment is expected at time of service. Once an appointment has been scheduled, you are responsible to pay for that session unless you provide at least 48 hours advance notice of cancellation.

"out of network" Insurance Benefits:

Dr. Koby Frances does not contract with any insurance companies and services are provided “out of network”, on a private pay basis only. As a courtesy, Dr. Frances provide patients with all the support and paperwork they need to get the maximum “out of network” benefit from their insurance companies, which means that a significant portion of your sessions may be covered.

Obtaining psychotherapy on an out-of-network basis - as opposed to using a therapist in your insurance network - is a good choice because it avoids the issues that compromises confidentiality and autonomy of treatment. All treatment decisions are made solely between patient and therapist, including the type of therapy used, its length, and who should or should not be consulted.

Steps to finding out your “out of network benefits”:

  • Call the number on the back of your insurance card

  • Choose the option for “mental health” or “behavioral health”

  • Ask the customer service representative:

    • What are my out of network mental health benefits?

    • What is the annual deductible?
      (How much do I have to spend, before the insurance begins to contribute?)

    • What percent of therapy sessions are covered?

    • Is there a session limit/year?

choosing an “in-network” vs. “out of network” therapist:
What is the difference?

 In-network: In-network benefits cover psychotherapy with professionals who sign contracts with the insurance company to provide services at a set rate. The insurance company oversees the treatment, by requesting regular treatment plans in order to authorize the number of sessions allowed for a particular condition. The total number of sessions covered is therefore limited, meaning patients may to have to end their therapy prematurely, just as they are beginning to make strides. In some instance, insurance companies will be unclear about what’s covered, resulting in surprise balances billed to patients. Insurance companies may also audit in-network psychotherapists’ records, further compromising confidentiality.

Out of Network: Although obtaining psychotherapy on an out-of-network basis may seem more expensive, the benefits can strongly outweigh the costs. (a) your insurance company does not choose your therapist - you do (b) the number of sessions are not limited or determined by outsiders who have no real knowledge of your situation. Rather you can see your therapist as often as you like and need and can see the process through to its natural end (c) your treatment is completely private and protected - no one but you and your therapist is involved in treatment decisions.