therapy for sexuality concerns:

When we have a sexuality related problem, it can be especially hard to open up to others and to even be honest with ourselves. Sex and shame are often closely linked in our culture. This is often because of the ways that we are taught to view our bodies, desires and sexual identities. Therapy provides a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate place in which to discuss any and all concerns related to sexuality, even if a person is not ready or interested in making a particular change.  

Do you struggle with any of these concerns?

  • Sexual identity confusion or conflict

  • Sex addictions or compulsive sexual behavior

  • Guilt or shame about sex

  • managing the after-effects of Sexual trauma

  • Sexual incompatibility or conflict in a relationship

  • Difficulties with sexual desire, functioning or performance

If you or a loved one would like to talk to a professional, please do not hesitate to email oR call (646) 681-2741.

what to expect from sessions: 

When you meet Dr. Koby Frances, he will listen carefully, make a thoughtful assessment of your situation and give a lot of meaningful feedback. Therapy is best thought of as ongoing dialogue with a caring, supportive professional who is there to help you grow and develop. Dr. Koby Frances always uses the combination of approaches that best suites each person's needs. Sometimes a more structured, goal setting approach is used. At other times, the focus is on helping you get in touch with deeper thoughts or feelings.