Individual psychotherapy

“I believe that people are extremely resilient and resourceful and can usually find ways of resolving problems. But sometimes, when we hit a roadblock, a professional approach is needed.” 

-Dr. Koby Frances, PHD


Welcome to my practice. I am pleased to offer a variety of counseling and psychotherapy services for adult men and women who are looking to improve themselves and their relationships. My office provides a warm, comfortable and refined atmosphere for individuals who need a skilled and experienced therapist that can truly help. As diverse as my clients are in their backgrounds, career interests and relationships, they all share a common wish: to feel more deeply understood and recognized and to find a clearer path forward.

 Dr. Koby Frances offers a compassionate, intensive and professional approach that values each and every client’s privacy and confidentiality above all else.

Reaching out

Reaching out for help often takes a great deal of courage. We have to be willing to open up to a stranger and trust them with our private lives. We risk feeling shame or judgment. Simply admitting that we need help, can sometimes feel like an overwhelmingly difficult task. And as much as we may be struggling, for some of us, the possibility of change can feel even more daunting and uncomfortable. Taking the plunge to reach out is, therefore, the hardest part. But when the fit is right and trust can develop, it is more than worth the risk.

 “My clients concerns about starting therapy are extremely important to me and must be taken seriously if a trusting therapeutic alliance is to develop.”

My Approach

I see psychotherapy as a meaningful, creative and life-affirming process that helps people to understand themselves more deeply. I believe that a good therapist is someone who is skilled in the fine art of listening and who is able to strike that perfect balance of being present and actively invested in their client’s lives without taking up too much space in the room. As I get to know new clients, I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I am expert at helping clients get oriented and comfortable with the process of speaking freely about their lives and getting to know themselves better.

“In the first few sessions, I always offer clients something of substance and meaningful that can greatly ease the burden and pain of what they are experiencing.”

What to Expect

Our first meetings are some the most important ones because they are an opportunity to put words to the problems you are experiencing and to see them in a different light. This is also an opportunity to understand your preferences and needs in therapy and how you see your life more broadly. While this process alone is extraordinarily relieving and validating, it also sets the stage for the deeper work that is needed. By going at each person’s unique pace and gradually addressing challenges and achievements in both the present and the past, you begin to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together: your fears and your hopes, your likes and dislikes, your fantasies and dreams and the areas where you feel stuck or alone, all coalesce into a stronger and more cohesive sense of self. Throughout the process, new ways of seeing old patterns emerge. A person is no longer paralyzed by feelings of anxiety, depression, anger or guilt. As they expand their repertoire of skills and insights, new challenges can be approached with more confidence and satisfaction.