Dr. Koby Frances  Psychologist in Manhattan

Dr. Koby Frances
Psychologist in Manhattan

counseling & psychotherapy for adults

Dr. Koby Frances is a psychologist who helps men and women improve the quality of their lives and relationships. He is experienced in issues related to trauma, anxiety, depression, sexuality, career, family and self-esteem. He particularly enjoys helping in areas related to intimacy, sexuality and relationships.

In working with Dr. Frances, clients can expect an approach that is warm, genuine, collaborative and focused. Dr. Frances’ experience makes him adept at gently guiding his clients towards comprehensive healing, improved self-worth and rewarding relationships.

The office, conveniently located on 96th Street of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, promising a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. For questions about getting started, please contact drkobyfrances@gmail.com or (646) 681-2741.

Dr. Koby Frances' office is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, in close proximity to the Upper East Side, Columbia University, Washington Heights, Penn station and Midtown Manhattan.


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