dating, relationships & intimacy

Dating and relationships lead many people to want to look deeper into themselves in therapy. Whether you are looking to move past the pain and confusion of a breakup, or are wanting to better understand the relationship patterns that get in your way,  therapy can offer the kind of support and meaningful feedback that may be needed to move forward with more clarity and resolve 

Therapy can help with: 

  • Improved communication and flexibility in relationships

  • Fears around intimacy and commitment

  • Feeling more resolved about a breakup or divorce

  • Managing feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, loneliness, impatience or rejection

  • Improved abilities to connect to others and open up to them

  • Relationship complications that involve past relationships with other partners or family members   

  • Sexual concerns

If you or a loved one struggle with any of these concerns, please email or call (646) 681-2741.